June Soap Challenge Club! My submission...

Creativity....something we all possess to one extent or another.  I have always been in the bottom percentage of those endowed with the great ability to CREATE.  All the growth in my creative realm literally stopped developing at approximately age 7, is what I am going to guess.  I was ok with that...I accepted it as a part of who I am.  But then suddenly, I found something that tapped deep into the heart of my stunted imagination.  I found SOAP!!!

Soap...the thing you need on a daily basis....the thing that you never, EVER, think about.  You just buy it, wash yourself, and buy more when you have expended its life span.  I discovered HANDCRAFTED SOAP MAKING!!!  And I realized, I don't do too bad of a job coming up with ideas in designing and making different kinds of soap.  What a joy this turned out to be!!   

After soaping (as we in the world of handcrafted soap call our process of making soap) for a while now, I have decided to try my hand at submitting an actual creation to the Soap Challenge Club's monthly soaping competition.  This venture, I must say, is a daunting task...simply because there are some people out there with the most INCREDIBLE imaginative minds.  How does one such as myself...one who possesses the imagination of a 7 year old...possibly think that I could compete against such creative minds.  Since I have wanted to attempt this for quite awhile, I decided to just dive on in!

I present my submission for the regular category of the June challenge...."Berry Neon".   Scented with a delightful combination of blackberry and blueberry fragrance oils, this soap is a delight for the nose.  This is my second go around, as my first attempt thickened up way too much on me to get the pour right on target.  All colors needed to be poured in layers in one single pouring pot, which presented a challenge because I found my one and only pot that is big enough to hold the entire batch had way to large of a spout to target a controlled pour.  Hence, as I was pouring into the mold, (with the mold sitting at an angle)  the soap batter spread out, causing a thicker "feathering" than what I was going for.  All in all, I am pretty happy with the outcome and decided to just be content with what I accomplished, and submit my little soap friend.  Thank you to Amy Warden for providing the opportunity with the Soap Challenge Club, and the sponsor for this month's challenge, Baraka Shea Butter.

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  • Lori on

    The combination of blackberry and blueberry sounds very summer.

  • Amy Warden on

    It’s beautiful! I love how the colors feather together, and they contrast so nicely! Congratulations on your first challenge! I look forward to seeing you around. :)

  • Sonja on

    I love that soap. It is beautiful. Great job! Let us know how you do!

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