May 2021 Soap Challenge Club! - "Black & White Neon"

soap challenge club

Once again, I try my hand at soap challenge club.  This month’s submission is a column pour into a slab mold.  (See YouTube video here)  Up until this moment, I have only used a loaf mold for all my soaps and have been very happy in my little niche of soap mold usage.  It is always hard for me to jump out of my comfort zone, but I have committed myself to expanding my horizons on learning new ways of pouring soap, and the best way is to participate in the Soap Challenge Club.

For this pour any object can be used as a column, whether it be something purchased specifically for this pour, or any random object found around the house.  The only stipulation is that ALL the soap has to be poured over the columns (except the final little bit once the columns are pulled out of the final design).  Once I decided to pursue this challenge, I tried to let my mind wander in order to discover any shred of an idea.  I was afraid that NO idea would come to me, and I was at a complete loss as to how I would proceed forward with no thoughts coming to mind.  But as if by magic, I discovered a random thought popping into my head one night as I lay quietly drifting off to sleep.  “WHEW”, was my first thought…my second thought was “what in the world to use as a column”. 

As I wandered the house the next day looking for ANY idea of how to use some random household object as a column, it occurred to me….why not just take a bar of soap (and I have MANY bars of soap just hanging around the house just sitting in random spots decorating shelves and any other vacant spots), cut it into the shape I want (because I actually knew what size and shape I was looking for, thanks to my epiphany the previous night), and use that as my column….and then my vision was complete!!

I had decided to do one attempt, and one attempt only on this challenge.  I was extremely hopeful, although not very optimistic, it would go according to plan the one and only time I would attempt this.

After looking through all my previous soap batches, searching desperately for a fragrance oil that would keep my batter nice and fluid (as opposed to thickening way too fast), I found a gem of a fragrance I had used many times before….pink grapefruit.  YUMMY!

Not only did I meticulously plan this in my head, which is an accomplishment in and of itself (my head doesn’t like to hold on to any particular idea for an extended amount of time), I took the time to write down everything I wanted to do. 

Since I documented my journey through the May 2021 Soap Challenge Club Column Pour with a YouTube video, I will not go into detail every step I took, as it would probably become boring and tedious.  Needless to say my vision came to fruition in a positive and successful manner, and the one and only attempt at this challenge I took, produced a soap that I am extremely happy with.  Please take the time to watch my journey on my YouTube video.


Thank you to Amy Warden for providing the opportunity with the Soap Challenge Club, and the sponsor for this month's challenge, Custom Craft Tools.

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  • Debora on

    Thank you for making a video of you making your soap. I have learned so much over the last 5 months watching videos like yours and I want you to know how very much I appreciate you teaching me.
    And your idea and execution is phenomenal. The black and white against the bright colors is eye catching and makes me look closer at all the pretty swirls. Great work!

  • Amy Warden on

    What a neat idea for the columns and the color scheme!! The contrast is amazing and the soaps all look fantastic!

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