If there is a certain smelling soap I want, could you make that?
We are open to everyone's ideas for scents as well as designs and will try to accommodate special requests.  It is not something that we do often but we do welcome all input.  Please note that if we make a soap with your request of scent or design, it will not be a customer specific soap (in other words, it may end up going into our soap production rotation for anyone to purchase), unless special arrangements have been made beforehand.

What do you mean by "soap rotation"?
We like to put our top sellers in a production rotation, as opposed to consistently stocking the same ones over and over, in order to allow ourselves the creative freedom to find new designs and scents.  After all, time IS limited and we cannot make soap all the time.  We have to be able to find the time to make new soaps, as well as making the popular selling ones. 

I will be out of the country during the summer.  Can you ship to my location?
Unfortunately as of right now we only ship within the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

Do you sell in bulk?
We have no current policies in place for bulk orders, but if you are interested in that, please contact us and we can work something out.

How come some of my soaps have stronger scents than others?
All fragrances have certain ways that they hold up in cold process soap.  Some times the fragrance is strong when we make the soap, it completely diminishes during cure, and then comes back after full cure with a nice lasting scent.  Other times the scent is barely noticeable at pour and then slowly develops during cure.  And then again other times the scent is strong throughout cure and fades to a light subtle fragrance at the end of the cure.  It is hard to predict what will happen and it is also hard to please everyone, as some people like strong scents while others prefer subtle.  

Your soaps smell SO good!  Just like something to eat.
We have to agree that our soaps smell great!  It is insanely amazing to smell these creations on a daily basis.  But the key word is SOAP.  These little chunks of heaven are soap.  They are only meant to be soap and to clean yourself with.  Go ahead and smell them to your hearts' content, but they are for external use only.  Don't worry though...if you run out of soap, you can just hop on back and buy some more!  We always have plenty of delightful scented soaps to choose from.     

Will I be able to purchase soap as soon as you make it?
Our soap is made with the cold process method.  Once made, it needs 4 to 6 weeks to fully cure.  During that time, water will be evaporating from the soap, making it a harder and longer lasting bar.